Computer and Server System 電腦及伺服器系統

本公司服務香港各大小企業多年,代購 “IBM” “HP” “DELL”等桌面電腦及手提電腦。並為各公司多身訂造伺服器系統,如:Backup Server、Web Server、Server房等。豐富的電腦維護及支援經驗,針對各企業的需要,制定出貼身的電腦維護計劃,讓企業管理階層安枕無憂。

For Small and Medium to Large Enterprise Business, consolidating fragmented data sources provides a single source of truth need for accurate decision-making to increase profits and revenue, and reduce costs. Affordability and productivity of high performance computers and servers with our best solutions and services can archive data integration for quick, quality decision-making that can contribute to closing deals, retaining valuable customers, cross-selling, and up-selling, while improving sociability, performance, security and manageability.

We have the service for ordering different brands of personal computers, portable PCs and Servers, such as IBM, HP, Dell etc. We also have Tailer-Made Server service, such as backup Server, web-server, server room design and so on