Server Room Design, Improve & Relocation 伺服器機房設計,改進和搬遷

本公司以豐富的經驗及技術,因應不同的需求為各企業有設計安裝鋪設、更改伺服器的軟硬件配備、 改善工程、 重鋪伺服器房(Server Room)至搬遷Server Room及設置等,都以客戶的經濟效益及規模需要,以達至各大中小型公司在最佳和最安全的狀態下運作完善。

Our Company help clients from Network Server to Server Room on design, implement, improvement, relocation and security management. As one one of the leading system integrator in the market, we provide professional services for the assessment, design, integration and management of a reliable and robust system infrastructure. Our consulting services cover on IT architecture, Internet & Networking Management and Security etc.