Networking & Data Solution 網絡接駁與資料安全方案

網絡監視系統方案,將同一或多個相互辦公室、廠房的通訊及資料利用高質素的監控管理兩地的職員、營運及業務運作等。除了一般保安系統防範非法的侵入及未經授權的使用外,另提供各類優質而又專業的系統整合方案。不論是應用軟件的發展方案、 度身訂造解決方案、改良現有系統或科技建設等的支援服務,我們都定能為你提供低成本、高效益的解決方案,務求令你的業務達至最理想的成果。

Our company addresses the security concerns on sensitive information locates in database server within the organization network, we offers a broad range of professional consulting services, from auditing and risk assessment to complete secure network infrastructure design, from security product implementation to training.

Our services include:
· Locate and identify the database and its related components within the network and perform full-set auditing of the database server
· Undergo in-depth examination of the internal configurations and comprehensive checking for all patch level, object and statement permissions
· Recommend countermeasures for remediation to help the organization to fix security holes and configurations
· Different reports that vary from technical detail up to high level summaries for management review.
· Support various database platform: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase and MySQL.